Profitability is back

Growth Index companies can operate in any sector. They can be B2B or B2C, growing organically or via M&A. What unites them is their ability to transform their top line, putting them on a trajectory to be major players of tomorrow.

A veteran’s guide to fundraising

When growing a business, money helps. Unfortunately, there’s less of it around these days. As interest rates rose around the world, global venture capital deal-value halved between 2021 and 2023 according to Pitchbook, while exit value was the lowest since 2017.

Winner Profile – InstaVolt

In 2016, it was clear that electric vehicles (EVs) were the future of mobility. But given the rate of adoption – barely 37,000 plug-in cars were sold in the UK that year – you’d have been forgiven for thinking they weren’t the near future.

Green growth and shifting sectors

This is the year that Growth Index went green. Three of the top ten fastest-growing companies in the UK participate in the clean and renewable energy market, offering electric vehicle charging (InstaVolt)

The rise of conscious capitalism

Social and environmental impact is firmly on the corporate agenda, but the proliferation of purpose statements and ESG brochures doesn’t necessarily mean that companies are being run for the greater good

Interview with Shaun Doak

Shaun Doak

React Group Plc isn’t your typical cleaning company. Alongside conventional services like the regular commercial cleaning of windows, facilities and facades, it looks after what you might call ‘extreme’ cases: ad-hoc specialist cleaning of crime scenes, railway fatalities and biohazards.

Interview with Charlotte Harrington

Charlotte Harrington

Sustainable beverage business Belu was doing well by doing good long before it was fashionable. A social enterprise launched in 2007, its purpose is to change the way the world sees water. It’s donated all of its profits since 2011 to Water Aid, in a partnership fixed until 2030.

Rachel Heather & Tracy Egan

Rachel Heather & Tracy Egan

Over half of British women wear size 16 or above, and the figure is rising. Yet for years plus-sized fashion was largely an afterthought. “Curvier women want the same look and contemporary style as everyone else, but they’ve just felt forgotten,” says Tracy Egan, who for 20 years manufactured quality clothing for high-street retailers with business partner Rachel Heather.

How DG International plans to become a billion pound business

Consumers are demanding fast deliveries and businesses are looking for cost-effective, efficient transport options to customers worldwide. One company that provides these solutions is UK based DG International, a logistics firm that specialises in logistics and supply chain management.

What we can learn from the UKs top 10 retailers

In popular imagination, the fastest way to grow a business is with an app or algorithm. Yet it is retail,
not tech, that dominated this year’s Growth Index, the definitive list of the UK’s 100 fastest growing