How DG International plans to become a billion pound business

Consumers are demanding fast deliveries and businesses are looking for cost-effective, efficient transport options to customers worldwide. One company that provides these solutions is UK based DG International, a logistics firm that specialises in logistics and supply chain management.

How Fashion UK aims to treble its business

Fashion UK isn’t your average fashion business. Licensing is at the heart of the Leicester-based company, which makes and designs clothing featuring popular characters from the likes of brands such as Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix and Lego.

How next-day delivery ensured success for customer-focused Mattress Online

Mattress Online started in December 2003, appropriately from co-founder Steve Adams’ bedroom. Starting with just five products, it took two weeks for the company to sell its first mattress, and another two weeks to make another. Sales fortunately picked up in January – the peak month for furniture and homeware shopping – and the company has never looked back.

Winner Interview – Au Vodka

The chemistry swots among you may find it fitting that this year’s fastest-growing company is named after the chemical symbol for every winner’s favourite element, gold.

GX winner AU Vodka has dazzled the drinks industry with its signature gold bottles – concealing often startlingly-coloured spirits – and its highly effective social media and influencer marketing.

Lior Shiff, CEO, Tripledot Studios

Companies that monetised games through in-app purchases, like the business I co-founded in 2007, Product Madness, used to look down on companies that monetised through advertising, because the revenue per player was much lower.

Interview with Fairfax & Favor’s Felix Favor Parker

Appropriately enough for a brand that began with leather footwear, Fairfax & Favor was thoroughly bootstrapped. Founders Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker funded the Norfolk-based business through its early days by working summer jobs in the local pub and delivering fireplaces. They kept their stock in Parker’s mum’s attic.

Interview with Beauty Pie’s Marcia Kilgore

Beauty Pie is a buyer’s club for luxury make up, without the markup. To illustrate the concept, founder Marcia Kilgore holds up a lipstick sample she received from a supplier.